Pennsylvania Academy of Dance Arts

Competition Team

Competition Team



A Dance Competition is an event where dancers perform a routine and are critiqued on their performance. The tallied scores of judges earn performances an adjudicated score and possibly high score awards, placement and special judges’ awards.  Competition can be a great experience, and we do our best to open up the opportunity to as many dancers as we can. With the inclusion of the recreational and advanced categories, we are able to open up the experience to many. Competition is an honor; it is a tremendous, wonderful feeling of accomplishment and a great experience for dancers of all ages. 


Many factors go into deciding whether a dancer is ready for competition.  This includes performance experience, proper technique, energy level, overall enthusiasm, attendance history and behavior.  The decision of which dancers are invited to competition is that of the Directors and is final. 


The main priority of PADA is to provide a healthy environment for your children to learn to dance and have fun doing it. Throughout the season we balance our program evenly between technique and choreography.  We emphasize teaching proper technique in order to create stronger dancers who may then go on to perform more challenging routines.   This allows children to reap the positive benefits of a healthy dance program including teamwork, physical fitness, strength, determination, and self-esteem.   We are not “a competition school”, whose main priority is to learn and perfect the same few routines to take to competition.  We offer competition team for those dancers who are interested in the opportunity to compete and structure our program so that competition classes do not take away from their dance education.