Pennsylvania Academy of Dance Arts




Pennsylvania Academy of Dance Arts (PADA) is a community of people who love and appreciate the art of dance. We provide a positive environment where dancers can focus on learning skills, improving technique, building confidence and achieving their individual goals. Our instructors work together with our families to nurture each student’s unique talent for dance and creativity. Our faculty is carefully selected to uphold our values, and share our passion for developing not only well-rounded dancers, but well-rounded individuals.

Our goal is to foster a love of dance in our students of all ages, regardless of their personal goals. Every student deserves the opportunity to reach their highest potential in a supportive, nurturing environment. Ours is an atmosphere of mutual respect between and among our faculty, parents, and dancers. We consider it a privilege to be a part of the wider dance community and in all of our endeavors uphold the values of integrity and professionalism.

The Dance programs at PADA are based on the development and enrichment of a child’s self-esteem. Children of all ages need to be encouraged and shown that people believe in them. Once they begin to believe in themselves they can achieve greatness not only in dance but also in everyday life.

Dance is a healthy activity involving creativity, discipline, social camaraderie, and teamwork; all of which contribute to the development of a well-adjusted happy individual.

Our faculty is comprised of educated teachers with college degrees and/or professional experience, who have studied and continue to study in programs specifically designed for dance education. Our teachers are patient and experienced. They are ready to challenge and inspire your children.