Pennsylvania Academy of Dance Arts


Recreation Program

At PADA, our goal is to give our students an immersive dance experience by exposing them to as many aspects of dance as possible. We want them to develop into well rounded dancers, and we will do that by utilizing professional dancers and choreographers from all backgrounds!


Our tiny dancers and beginners will have a consistent teacher to help them learn and grow. Young children need consistency and a familiar face every week with whom they can connect, learn from, and create a lasting bond. These children will learn in a nurturing environment and be guided throughout the season.


The WORKSHOP STYLE curriculum, created by Kimberly D. Landle for our older dancers and higher levels, was created to help dancers learn in a convention style setting. EACH class your child takes will be taught as a Master Class, exposing them to the many different varieties of each dance genre. This also helps to prevent them from settling into that “funk” that sometimes happens in the middle of the dance season when they may feel as though they aren’t learning as much, or being challenged as much as they were in the beginning. 

We are excited to offer this teaching style here at PADA. Your child will learn from different instructors in all styles, which will help develop them into more well-rounded technicians and performers.


The dance world is constantly changing and evolving, we need to change with it. New styles of dance are being created every single day. Every style of dance has its own nuances and every teacher brings their own style of instruction. We want your child to experience as much of it as possible! We want not only to keep up with the curve or be ahead of it, but we strive to go beyond it.